MARROQUIN, MARROQUIN S.C., has helped many clients buy and sell Businesses.

We understand that such agreements must be carefully conducted so we provide step-by-step guidance to minimize hassles, worries and expenses as well as protecting our clients legally and financially.

Our attorneys will help our client by:

  • Drafting confidentially and non disclosure agreements

  • Helping with the due diligence and drafting letters of intent;

  • Drafting asset or entity sale agreements;

  • Checking potential buyers records and financial information;

  • Drafting Promissory notes, security agreements for assets or entity installment sales;

  • Preparing escrow agreements;

  • Drafting "absence of creditors statements";

  • Assignment of contracts and Intellectual Property rights;

  • Helping with corporate Board documents (minutes) such as consents of asset sales;

  • Drafting covenants not to compete

  • Helping clients understanding tax consequences of their particular transaction.

We also help clients by:

  • Determining sale structure (whether it is a business entity sale or just its assets);

  • Determining the assets being transferred (intellectual property, real state, movable goods);

  • Determining legal steps for contract assignment (with or without approval from third parties);

  • Payment terms (full payment, down payment, payment terms and interest rates);

  • Seller protection (failure by the buyer to pay, securities, etc.);

  • Seller Warranties (condition of the business, environmental contingencies, debt level);

  • Buyer Warranties (equipment maintenance, inventory levels, business operation location);

  • Liabilities (will current debts be transferred, how will current debts be handle);

  • Ongoing connection of the seller, directors or employees to the business;

  • Agreements not to compete;

Our attorneys are also very capable of handling litigations, as well as arbitration and mediation, derived from share holders sale disputes, nondisclosure and agreements not to compete, negotiations disputes, breach of contract disputes, delay of installment payments, etc.


For more information on Buying Or Selling A Business
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